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Mengxi Group commemoration celebrating the 93 anniversary of CPC founding
Release time:2014-07-01


    July 1, Mengxi Building first floor multi-purpose hall lighting bright, warm atmosphere, the curtain hanging in the middle of the Chinese Communist Party emblem against the background shine under the red flag, right podium hanging eye-catching red flag, Mengxi Group celebrated 93 anniversary of its founding in recognition of outstanding communist party Conference and swearing-in ceremony was held here. High Wenhuan, Bao Shuangjiang, Wang Tianlong, Jin Wentong and other group leaders attended the meeting and at the rostrum.
    8:30, Bao Shuangjiang announced the start of the awards ceremony, the audience singing "Without the Communist Party there would be no new China." Assembly commended the various grassroots organizations and through the majority of employees voted to recommend the 24 outstanding party members, held a new party members to join the party, old party members to join the party oath oath ceremony, reward the winners of personal honesty and calligraphy competition, Gao Wenhuan  on behalf of Group company party committee made a speech.
    Gao Wenhuan firstly represented the group party and Chairman Liu to the hard fighting in their respective positions on the Communist greetings and high respect, to be commended the outstanding communist party member and clean Calligraphy Competition Award individual express enthusiastic congratulation, expressed warm welcome to the new members of the party had just joined the party. He pointed out that, in the past year, the group in the grass-roots party organizations in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Central Party committee, work around the enterprise, to the role of Party organizations and members of the vanguard and exemplary role as the starting point and the foothold, the ideological construction as the focus, to organize construction as the foundation, in the style construction as the starting point, to construction of a clean and honest government as the basis, with system construction as guarantee, continue to strengthen the party's self construction and construction of Party member team, promote the healthy and stable development of the enterprise group.
    He briefly reviewed and summarized the work of party building over the past year's achievements, pointing out the shortcomings, and put forward a four-point views on party building work next stage. He said that in 2014, a group promoting the business model reform, the implementation of key organizational restructuring of the year, but also the key to the full implementation of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" of the year. The quality of work of party building is directly related to the combat strength of party organizations and enterprises harmony and stability. As the pace of reforms accelerated, the role of party building work will become increasingly prominent. Party organizations at all levels should focus on the central task of reform and development of enterprises play a central role in political party organizations in major corporate decisions, play the guiding role of party organizations in the corporate culture and employee ideological education, play Party in terms of safeguarding the interests of the masses of protection. Party organizations and Party members required to make advance vanguard of reform, maintaining a stable business pioneer, pioneer and strengthen anti-corruption pioneer style building.
    Gao Wenhuan said Mengxi two decades of development experience tells us, seize opportunities, innovative development model, companies can achieve better and faster development and qualitative leap into the era of beach-goers. Missed opportunities, it will fall behind, and even become obsolete. Standing at the crossroads of development, we must cherish and seize new opportunities to strengthen confidence, high morale, innovative business models, master development initiative to achieve Mengxi Group's gorgeous transformation.
    Bao Shuangjiang presided over the ceremony and made a concluding speech, he said, this year the group there are two important things about enterprise of vital importance, one is the business model reform, one is to implement the labor productivity evaluation. From the forward said, index of innovation in business models and labor productivity realization finally is to ensure that enterprises survive in the market competition, to ensure the interests of most employees. From the back view, reform would affect the interests of some people, it is this part of the "cheese", which may cause a series of sensitive and complex issue. Party members as advanced molecular in staff, at the critical moment of reform, must play their vanguard and exemplary role, be the pioneer of boosting the reform, be the pioneer of promoting enterprise culture, be the pioneer of creating the learning organization, truly become the mainstay to boost the reform and maintenance of harmonious energy source.
    After the meeting, participants visited the honesty calligraphy exhibition, jointly listened to traditional cultural lectures.
    Member companies in the park branch secretary, party workers, all party members, party activists, was rated excellent Communists, the new development probationary member, calligraphy clean winners, the company headquarters staff of 100 people attended the awards ceremony.

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