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Deputy director of the NPC Ethnic Affairs Committee Yunfeng inspection Mengxi Group alumina project
Release time:2014-07-29


    July 19, deputy director of the NPC Ethnic Affairs Committee Yunfeng in Etuokeqi Banner committee secretary Shang Zhiqiang, government banner chief Jinwu, deputy government banners chief Wangbing, Mengxi high-tech industrial park Party Work Committee secretary Li Huaiguo, Management Committee accompanied by Yang Xiaolong, former Etuokeqi Banner committee secretary Hao Jianjun and other leaders come to inspect Mengxi Group using fly ash extract alumina project. Mengxi Group Chairman Liu Ailin, president and Gao Wenhuan, vice president of Bao Shuangjiang and Mengxi Aluminum met the inspection team.
    Yunfeng and his entourage visited the alumina production line panorama sand table model and product warehouse. After listening to the company's overall briefing, Yunfeng said that Mengxi use of fly ash extraction of high alumina project technological is good development prospects, is truly waste comprehensive utilization of high-tech projects, processing plants produce solid waste fly ash in Mengxi Industrial Park , fly ash realize the depth of exploitation and development of recycling economy, is the protection of national security importance of the aluminum industry. Yunfeng said, when I working in the Ordos City, has been concerned about the development of Mengxi Group. Over the years, Mengxi Group always adhere to the road of development of recycling economy, although the twists and turns, but still absolutely determined, made universally acknowledged achievements in economic and social development for the Ordos made outstanding contributions. Today saw condensation Mengxi Group ten years of effort to extract alumina fly ash production line was finally completed, and successfully produced a qualified product, I am pleased, but also proved Mengxi adhere to scientific development and cycle development the road is correct.
    Yunfeng stressed Mengxi Group to accelerate the pace of technological upgrading projects, efforts to reduce production costs, create industry highlights and competitive advantage. City, banner two governments should continue to give strong support to the policy from above, to ensure that the project early production and deliver results for national resources on strategic security, the development of recycling economy, and make greater contribution to environmental protection.

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