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Ordos municipal Committee Secretary Bai Yugang inspect Meng Xi Group alumina project
Release time:2014-08-26


    August 23, party secretary Bai Yugang and Ordos Etuokeqi flag committee secretary Shang Zhiqiang, banners Jin Wu, deputy banners Wang Bing, Office flag committee director Li Minrui,Etuoke party committee secretary of Ji Gengyun and  Mengxi high-tech industrial park vice secretary Yang Xiaolong and other leaders come Mengxi Group Investigagion use of fly ash extract alumina project.
    During Bai Yugang visited the alumina production line panorama sand table model.  Mengxi Group president Gao Wenhuan presented to Bai Yugang the ash extraction of alumina production operations projects, planning layout and coal - electricity - aluminum circular economy industrial chain of construction planning. Vice president of the Mengxi group company, General Manager Bao Shuangjiang and the production director Hao Yaojin introduced the extraction of alumina project ash production processes, products, comprehensive utilization of resources. After listening to the reports, Bai Yugang asked them about the Mengxi Group industrial development in recent years  and fly extract alumina project power incentives and so on. He pointed out that Mengxi Group ash extract alumina technology companies have better advantages compared with the domestic industry ,  the company should continue to do R & D work to upgrade and industrial operations, with the concept of circular economy to realize the resources and waste "eat dry pressing net ", and constantly promote the upgrading and transformation of the local economy through sound and rapid development.

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