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Group company Central Party held in 2014 fifth collective study
Wang Tianlong lecture, Liu Ailin delivered a speech, Gao Wenhuan chaired the meeting
Release time:2014-09-15


    September 10, the group company central party held in 2014 the fifth collective learning. Party Committee member, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Wang Tianlong speech entitled "constantly establish and improve the management mechanism to ensure Mengxi Group's senior management honest and diligent institutionally" lecture. Party secretary Liu Ailin speech.  party member Gao Wenhuan, president presided over a collective study sessions.
    In studying the meeting, Wang Tianlong from what is the importance of institutions and systems, talk to explain the significance of executives honest and diligent management system, summarizes the achievements and shortcomings of Mengxi honest management of all stages of development, and on the future how to strengthen the Group's integrity management recommendations. Wang Tianlong reviewed two decades of development history Mengxi four stages honest and diligent construction, pointed out in the beginning, Mengxi provides a platform that don't want to corruption  and not dare corruption for managers,Do not want corruption, because the Mengxi to provide staff with a flexible employment mechanism, fair working environment and competitive remuneration package, so that employees consciously treasure this business platform. Dare corruption refers Mengxi person under "right to self-deprivation" led by Liu Ailin,  locked up the real rights in a cage system to achieve the purification of the soul, to protect the rapid development of the Mengxi. During the "Tenth Five" to "Eleventh Five-Year", as the company's development and growth and improved the management of income levels, some executives breeds complacency emotions, hedonism, utilitarianism thinking has spread, lazy and specific treatment, compared with unhealthy consumption on the rise. To curb corruption occurs, ensuring sustainable development in West Inner Mongolia, the Group continued to improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms, in 2010, introduced the "Mengxi Group Integrity Management Accountability pilot scheme" and "Mengxi Group on business management expressly prohibit violations book "and a series of system integrity management further strengthened. "Twelve Five" period, each member companies have established a system of corruption-related management responsibility, level control level, level to the level of corruption is responsible for the management responsibility system has been gradually established and improved network integrity management responsibilities extend to the workshop, team and key positions, honest management of defense further consolidated.
    Wang Tianlong from the system itself has problems such as individual clause needs to be revised, system implementation problems such as the assessment of a mere formality, democratic appraisal narrower, the daily supervision is not in place, analyzes the existing group present corruption prevention and punishment system problems and deficiency, and on how to further strengthen the construction of elaborate executives and diligent their views: one is to improve the quality system, and perfecting the system.Group and each member enterprise shall regularly carry out carding on line system, down to earth, conducive to the control of key areas and weak links on the content of the principle, the outdated system should be promptly repeal, there are obvious defects shall be revised timely, perfect, need detailed rules for the implementation shall formulate as soon as possible, the need to develop the supporting system to lose time to develop, the system and mechanism is consistent.The two is the senior management personnel should take the lead in the implementation of the system. The management system is rigid management, everyone is equal in front of system, no one can make privilege, seriousness and everyone should consciously safeguard system, especially for senior executives, follow suit, must take the lead in doing good.Three is to strengthen the construction of execution system. Execution is the system of life. And the system implementation will be useless if left. To improve the centralized examination and daily supervision combined system execution supervision mechanism, to establish and perfect the system of executive accountability mechanism, the implementation of system into the style construction check and executive staff assessment category.On the weak implementation of the system's firmly held accountable, have orders and prohibitions, casual "alternative", malicious evade destruction system behavior, found together with the investigation, will not be tolerated.Four is the establishment of long-term mechanism of style construction. The style construction requirements into anti-corruption construction, system construction, not only to resolve the current outstanding problems, but also pay attention to the establishment of long-term mechanism, to work, with Henjin, continuous efforts, for a long time into the work, efforts to form a complete system of system, ensure the improvement for wind standardization, normalization, long life, to prevent the "three no" style rebound.Five is the use of system to practice Mengxi culture. The system is Mengxi culture of precipitation, Mengxi culture through the system to put into practice. If not in a set of system to regulate the behavior of employees, all identity Mengxi culture oath are empty. To the excellent enterprise culture to establish the core value concept of Mengxi employees, to the system behavior clearly staff, ensure the clean wind rooted in the hearts of every mengxi.
    Group chairman, party secretary Liu Ailiin for this lecture fully affirmed. He said the President Wang's speech is the first systematic summary of twenty years of Mengxi Group's honest and diligent construction work, and his speech was not talk illusory theoretical knowledge, but tightly cut in group twenty years of politics construction road, objectively sums up the experience and lessons, analyze the problems, , analyzed the shortcomings, elaborated to improve and strengthen the direction, approaches, it is worth full learning.He pointed out that the honest and diligent from up government is subject to the CPC Central Committee down to the business enterprise often mentioned, but this work is a difficult problem how to achieve results. Mengxi Group clean government started relatively early education executives earlier one, two is better grasp of self-cultivation, on the whole, honest and diligent group as a whole is good, mainly because Mengxi Group doing the "through the system to put senior executives rights in a cage."
    Liu Ailin pointed out that if we really want to establish a management dare rot, does not rot, do not want to rot in the environment, there is a system of light is not enough, but also to guarantee the exercise of the right to process processes, sunshine, open. Recently, the Group's business model in the development of both the upper and lower attachments, including systems and processes of the system, which is the basic guarantee honest and diligent construction. The highest level of protection of honest and diligent is the influence of corporate culture and management self-cultivation.Mr Feng Youlan realm of life into four categories: natural, utilitarian, moral and cosmic realm of life, whether executives or employees, positioning their realm of life are very important. Today, in Mengxi Group, who belongs to the natural realm of life should rarely, we consider personal interest is understandable, but it must be in legal compliance, without prejudice to the interests of business and others on the basis of obtained through the proper channels. Moral realm of life, emphasizing altruism is not self-serving, this realm of life is noble, but cosmic realm of life, is completely melt in their nature and the universe, to purify the universe was born, which is the highest realm of life. If executives and employees can do the moral and cosmic realm of life, we will truly become conscious of Independent behavior of employees of.
    Liu  Ailin finally stressed, business model reform is the reform of the structure, system and process as a mechanism for the carrier, must be changed, only the mechanism and system combination, can play a mechanism effectiveness. He asked the group from top to bottom do institutional reconstruction and process reengineering work, can not copy mechanically and coping, ensure that the fundamental business model reform through the system, the process to implement.
Gao Wenhuan did concluding speech. He pointed out that Wang Tianlong instruction of the President, not only deepen our understanding of the honest and diligent construction work, but also touched our souls. Chairman Liu deeper read from clean government from the interpretation of the three "no rot" had a profound interpretation, and tells the story of Mr Feng Youlan's four realms of life, for us it was a wash and purify the soul.
    For future work, Gao Wenhuan made three demands. One is to further improve the Group level and at all levels subsidiary systems, processes, plugging loopholes in management fundamentally. Second, require employees, especially executives, self-cultivation from the depths of the soul, to enhance the realm of life, the real corruption in Mongolia West nowhere to hide; third is really set up the Independent level controls level management system to ensure that managers at all levels, including grassroots business people do it all honest and diligent.
    Members Group party, the company responsible for managing the business and its subsidiaries and above, cement Group's corporate executives participate in collective learning.

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