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       Professional managers are the key factor to an enterprise’s fate, the backbone to its survival and development. Thus, their behaviors do not only influence the general image and development environment of an enterprise, but also decides failures or successes. To standardize conducts of professional managers in Mengxi, supervise over appropriate fulfillment of responsibilities, exertion of authority and healthy development of the group, hereby formulate these principles. The principles require professional managers in Mengxi Group to follow Ten Dos and Ten Do Not Dos:
1. “Ten Dos” for Professional Managers
  a. Understand laws and regulations related to work, be familiar with market economy rules, operate business lawfully and do things with integrity;
b. As a professional manager, one has to follow regulations that other employees are required to abide by and set an example for all;
c. Strictly follow procedures while making major decisions. Decisions within a manager’s authority shall be made after collective discussion; decisions not within a manager’s authority shall be reported to superior departments, the board of directors or the general meeting of shareholders depending on issues to be decided. While making decisions, managers shall find the right persons to make decisions and the exertion of authority shall be strictly in line with regulations;
d. While discussing issues, all parties shall fully give opinions and suggestions. Once a decision is made, it has to be firmly implemented. All parties shall be candid during discussions rather than making complaints with hindsight;
e. Managers shall mobilize their assistants and make full use of assistant function with tasks clearly assigned, responsibilities distinctly divided and fair balance between responsibility and authority. Assistants shall properly exert their responsibilities in line with the scope of their responsibility and report to the manager. Assistants must not override or abuse authority;
f. Professional managers shall understand, trust and support each other, stick to principles while handling major issues and show manners while dealing routines, without harboring suspicions against each other, haggling over trifles and disrupting each other;
g. When there are conflicts between partial benefits and general benefits, short-term goals and long-term development, professional managers shall make efforts to maintain general benefits and focus on long-term development. Never tamper the general benefits in favor of partial benefits or seek present benefits rather than future development;
h. Evaluations to and promotions of subordinates must be done on the basis of performance rather than on personal emotions, likes and dislikes. Manager shall be fair without personal judgment, recommend the virtuous and the able and appoint people by abilities;
i. Professional managers shall frequently communicate with subordinates, listen to their opinions, fully comprehend situations of subordinated departments and be open-minded with reasonable suggestions without acting lofty and alienating subordinates;
j. During business activities and discussions with friends and staff, in public areas, professional managers shall strictly keep secret the company’s confidential business and technology information as well as contents of important meetings that haven’t been released yet, and stick to the principle of holding out on confidential information of the company.
  2. “Ten Do Not Dos” for Professional Manager
   a. Never commit nonfeasance or act irresponsibly and thus cause any economic or reputation damage to the company;
b. Never deposit corporate money into accounts opened under an individual’s name;
c. Never appropriate or loan corporate money;
d. Never sell corporate assets at a low price deliberately without joint discussion;
e. Never embezzle corporate assets in any form;
f. Never accept bribes;
g. Never pledge corporate assets to outsiders without joint discussion; h. Never utilize authority to directly or indirectly purchase goods from relatives or friends or enterprises managed or held by such people, or offer any conveniences to facilitate such people’s business operation; i. Never utilize authority to arrange intermediate relatives to work in the company;
j. Never take up any kind of second occupation during incumbency in the company. 
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