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1. Code of Conduct for Work Place
a. Do not refuse with any reasons to carry out decisions and regulations made by the company;
b. Follow procedures to address issues. Superiors can learn information from subordinates on different levels but generally never give orders to subordinates except for the intermediate subordinates; subordinates can report issues to superiors on different levels but generally never ask for instructions from or report work to superiors on different levels except for the intermediate superior;
c. While fulfill responsibility and address issues, employees shall be prompt, timely-efficient and accurate, try to avoid mistakes, guarantee quality, focus on concrete performance, provide all-round services and give top priority to customers;
d. Colleagues shall work together and coordinate with each other without influencing work with disrupting, buck-passing or dispute;
e. Keep corporate information confidential and not divulge business secrets in any way;
f. Strictly follow regulations on working hours without lateness or early leaving;

2. Code of Conduct for Behaviors and Appearances
a. Be punctual to attend meetings and appointments or receive visitors;
b. Knock doors first before entering into other people’ offices and enter only when permitted;
c. Do not thumb through documents or files of superiors or colleagues without permission;
d. Give way to superiors and visitors in corridors;
e. If welcoming visitors, walk in front of them; if sending visitors, walk behind them. While guiding visitors, stay two or three steps ahead of visitors on the left. While making turns, turn around and gesture directions for visitors;
f. While drinking in a public area, keep it appropriate and remain well-mannered. Do not get drunk and cause disturbances. Do not do deeds that abase oneself or the company’s image and reputation;
g. Dressing code:
(1) Frontline workers in production field shall wear corporate uniform during working hours;
(2) Clothes shall be kept clean and tidy, well-fitting and decent. Do not wear bizarre dresses;
(3) During working hours or in a public area, do not wear undervests, shorts and slippers, or wear sandals with bare feet;

3.Code of Conduct for Language
a. While talking with visitors or customers, keep complex natural, talking friendly and kind, conduct decent and appropriate. If there is an emergency that requires leaving, remember to inform the visitors or customers and apologize for the inconveniences;
b. While having conversations with colleagues and friends, do not discuss defects or other people’s privacy, do not satirize other people;
c. Use courtesy language while dealing with people, such as Hello, Please, Thank you, Sorry, Excuse me, Sorry for being late, Goodbye, etc;
d. In public areas, speak in a civilized and courtesy manner. Do not speak in public areas in ways that do not coincide with or damage Mengxi’s image;

4. Code of Conduct for Office and Living Environment
a. Consciously keep office and living environment tidy and in order without littering wastes or cigarette butts; Do not spit on the floor;
b. Articles not related to work shall be placed on office desks. Articles on office desks shall be kept in drawers or arranged properly at one end of desk with chairs place back before going out temporarily or getting off work;
c. Protect corporate assets and do not damage or embezzle for personal purposes;
d. During meeting hours, all participants shall turn off cellphones, beepers and other communication devices;
e. Keep quiet in office buildings, dining halls and dormitories. Do not make noises or cause clamors.
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